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Our manufacturing process is highly customizable, allowing us to cater to each client's unique needs and preferences.

Solid Face Framing

Solid face framing is a manufacturing process used to create high quality cabinetry with a traditional look and feel. The process involves the use of solid wood to create a frame around the perimeter of each cabinet door and drawer front. Face framing your cabinets gives a traditional and hard-to-find look. Each door and drawer is divided by a piece of solid wood that adds strength to your kitchen. Each door is attached to the frame rather than to the gables of the cupboard itself. The solid face-framing process results in a strong and beautiful cabinet with a timeless style that will enhance any kitchen or living space.

Frameless Design

Our frameless-designed kitchens are just as unique and popular. A frameless design adds a more modern and contemporary look to your kitchen. When purchasing a kitchen from a department store, you are purchasing a flimsy box with doors and drawers. Our frameless kitchens really set us apart. To retain the strength of a framed kitchen but gain the aesthetic appeal and space-saving features of frameless cabinetry, we turn the frame and move it inside the cupboard. This gives a more modern look, revealing only the doors and drawers but making the cabinets stronger than ever.

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An inset kitchen is a type of kitchen design where the cabinet doors and drawers are set flush with the face frame of the cabinets. This creates a clean and seamless look, with no overlapping edges or gaps between the doors and frame. Inset kitchens offer a clean, smooth appearance, where the doors and drawers do not protrude from the face frame of the kitchen. They offer a strong, attractive, and traditional design.


When we say CUSTOM CABINETRY, we mean it! If you have angles to add, an odd-shaped window to build around, or poorly placed pipes or ducts, we can incorporate almost anything into a cabinet design to satisfy you!



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Our drawers are all made of birch, and finished with lacquer, just like the interiors of your cupboards. All our drawers come with top-of-the-line soft-close hardware.

Solid Surface Countertops

We can recommend several reputable counter-top companies. A template is made once the kitchen is installed.

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Laminate Countertops

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A wide selection of laminate counter-tops, colours, and designs are available. They come with or without a backsplash and have many different edge profiles to choose from.


Whether you are looking for pull-out pantry units, LeMans blind corner units, or pull-out garbage bins, we have a wide selection of accessories sure to satisfy you.                     to browse our kitchen solutions catalogue.

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