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The final touch in the manufacturing process, adding aesthetic value and protection to the wood.

The Finishing Touch

Choosing the right finish for your kitchen is sometimes the most difficult and rewarding decision to make. We can work directly with you or your interior designer to ensure you get the exact shade you want. We can mix stains to match as closely as possible to an existing item you may have. Clear-finish cabinetry is also an attractive option.


Our painted cabinetry uses the best lacquer paint available on the market today. It is more durable than latex and oil paints and has excellent water resistance to keep your kitchen looking great for longer. It can be mixed to match any Benjamin Moore paint colour. Having trouble picking a colour?                    to see the Benjamin Moore colour selection. Depending on the application, a painted kitchen can offer you a modern contemporary look, a traditional look, or an antique appearance.


We offer many traditional and contemporary stain colours to enhance whatever wood species you choose for your cabinets. We also offer shaders, glazes and whitewashes. Whatever your preference for colour, all of our cabinetry gets sanded, sealed and lacquered to leave the wood protected and finished.

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